No Excess FW '19

About the Project

For the Dutch clothing brand “No Excess”, we went to Milan, Italy. This season the brand wants to focus on “the sports supporter” so we filmed two friends getting to a football match in the San Siro stadium. Two characters who get to the same place on their own way.

Script, Direction, Edit, Filming, Colorgrade

The Concept

No Excess FW ’19

The brand chooses for “the sports supporter” this time. We wanted to highlight the comfortable, easy to wear streetwear and more chique clothing.
We chose two characters, one who got it all figured out, sleeps in hotels and gets driven by Ubers and a chaotic, creative person, who is mostly late, takes public transportation, but wants to be on time for his friend and decides to run. On the way, they cross paths but don’t seem to see each other. After almost a car accident happened, his friend gets out of the car, they recognize each other directly as friends and they walk together to the stadium.